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It's time to change the discussion.
If brands are too rigid, they'll break.

It all comes down to elasticity and a brand’s ability to adapt. Brands exist today in a world where channels and audiences are constantly changing, each within different conversations and contexts. That’s where your brand and its success lives, and that’s why it needs to be elastic—able to stretch and connect across channels and conversations, with consistency and relevance. It’s how elasticity works and how we do as well.

Aim for a conversation, not a target.

Targeting is a strange word to use for people. Engagement is the only way to start a conversation with people and truly build relationships. Engage them on their terms, in their environments, in a voice that resonates with them. That’s how channel marketing works—by integrating every channel and touch point with a consistent message. Then you’ve created a relationship and a solid foundation for success.

  • HP Hood
    Making cultured products culturally relevant.
  • Northeastern University
    Exploring the power of education through experiential learning.
  • Glenmede
    Connecting today’s ideas to a company’s founding ideals.
  • Cambridge Associates
    Uniting multiple perspectives through one vision.
  • Sodexo Foundation
    Taking hunger personally and taking on stereotypes.
  • 15-40 Connection
    Creating a new way to talk about and look at cancer.
  • Sodexo
    Finding a better quality of life through quality of life services.
  • Horizons for Homeless Children
    Giving a face and a voice to our homeless children.
  • College Ave
    Reinventing an old category with a new class of excellence.
  • BSAS
    Putting investor’s needs above all else.
Brands we've been engaging.

Every client is different. One thing that unites them all is a need for a partner, not a vendor—an agency that understands their challenges because they’ve seen them before. Select the capabilities or brands below to see who we’ve been partnering with in financial services, higher education, healthcare, retail packaged goods and non-profits.

Content Creation
Data Visualization
Digital Migration
Internal Communications
Media Planning/Buying
Social Media
Genuine, honest to goodness, real people.

Meet the driving force behind HATCH. Our core team is made up of people who are passionate about what they do, are innately curious and driven by the desire to create. We find success in our client’s success, but we don’t do it alone.

Along with our account, creative and channel teams, we have a dedicated network of independent resources whose skills and talents extend our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients. It’s a uniquely collaborative approach with a uniquely collaborative team.

Jennifer Harrington
Photographer Ethnic Food High Standards Revenue Family Dedicated Whovian Active Pad Thai Budgeting Foodie Shoes Prepared 80's Teen Movies Travel Colored Pencils Peace & Love Social Media Syracuse Collaborative Story-teller Dogs Amusing Branding Beach Yoga Ice Cream NPR Sunsets Channels & Analytics PC Perceptive Intuitive Twins Compassionate Listener Healing Arts Spirited Boston Details Gemini Challenger Cocktails Motorcycle Humbly Brilliant Fishing Short Hannah Gillis Terrier Tradition Cooking & Baking Spontaneous Mother of 4 Dark Chocolates Collaborative Musician Meredith McLoughlin NYC Animal Menagerie Jack Taxes Horseback Riding Family Doodling Vic Kelman Sushi Mai Tai Dogs Food & Wine High Energy Quirky Thinking Explorer Passionate Woodcarving Driven Billing Business Guide Athlete Farmer’s Market Passion for Visual Arts Jennifer Harrington Problem Solver Multitasker Jackie Holland Multi-tasker Deidre Tardif Music Beach Chocolate 4-leaf Clovers Ideas Accounts Cities Stan Bornstein Planner Collaborative Laughter Organized Committed Volunteer New Yorker Dynamic Detailed Adventurous Mom Tattoos Beagles Holly Smith Green Converse Nik Barkley Mint Chocolate Chip Financial Cheerful Gardening Quidditch On-time & On-budget Tami Gauvreau Coffee Positive 70’s Nostalgia Media Loft Living Voracious Curiosity Communications Loyal Red Sox Travel Alyssa Napoleon Autumn Lavender Innovative Hollywood Gossip Juggling Brand Evangelist Tattoos Intuitive Creative Writer Sports Client Service Vegetarian North Shore Travel Brand Strategy Sarcastic Theater Techie Dog Lover Travel Spirited
  • Jennifer Harrington
    70’s Nostalgia, Mother of 4, Committed Volunteer, Animal Menagerie, Travel, Tradition, Passion for Visual Arts, Brand Evangelist, Voracious Curiosity, High Energy
  • Alyssa Napoleon
    Director of Client Services
    Cities, Loft Living, Chocolate, NYC, Ethnic Food, Autumn, Travel, Accounts, PC, Collaborative, Organized, Communications, Client Service
  • Deidre Tardif
    Financial Service Administrator
    Music, Beach, Mom, Multi-tasker, Yoga, 80's Teen Movies, Billing, Pad Thai, Mai Tai, Coffee, Peace & Love, Healing Arts, Vegetarian
  • Hannah Gillis
    Client Support & Research Analyst
    Quirky, Adventurous, Active, Amusing, Lavender, Tattoos, Spontaneous, Driven, Perceptive, Humbly Brilliant, Detailed, Spirited, Social Media
  • Holly Smith
    Dogs, Beach, Sunsets, Motorcycle, Revenue, Cocktails, Sushi, Travel, Budgeting, Taxes, Financial, Business Guide
  • Jackie Holland
    Associate Creative Director
    Dogs, Shoes, Colored Pencils, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gemini, Cooking & Baking, Boston, Farmer’s Market, Jack, Syracuse, Food & Wine, Doodling, Family
  • Meredith McLoughlin
    Senior Account Executive & Account Planner
    Ice Cream, Innovative, Cheerful, Family, Explorer, Athlete, Foodie, Collaborative, Listener, Passionate, Dedicated
  • Nik Barkley
    Creative Director
    Juggling, Twins, North Shore, Tattoos, Woodcarving, Dynamic, Story-teller, NPR, Spirited, 4-leaf Clovers, Branding, Creative, Intuitive
  • Stan Bornstein
    Strategic & Creative Consultant
    Photographer, Fishing, Brand Strategy, Collaborative, Travel, Dark Chocolates, Ideas, Challenger, Thinking, Writer
  • Tami Gauvreau
    Director of Channels & Analytics
    Beagles, Gardening, Red Sox, Intuitive, Hollywood Gossip, Loyal, On-time & On-budget, Media, Compassionate, Laughter, Channels & Analytics, Planner, Prepared, High Standards, Details
  • Vic Kelman
    Junior Account Executive
    New Yorker, Multitasker, Whovian, Theater Techie, Problem Solver, Quidditch, Short, Green Converse, Sports, Musician, Positive, Sarcastic, Terrier, Dog Lover, Horseback Riding
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